Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 9, 2011

TỔ ẤM TÌNH NHÂN (At Home With Love) USLT AVI 20/20 end - TVB

Genre: Modern Drama
Country of origin: Hong Kong
Language: US Long Tieng
No. of episodes: 20
Running time: 45 minutes (approx.)
Original channel: TVB
Original run: October 9, 2006

Lawrence Ng
Yoyo Mung
Chung King Fai
Raymond Cho

Synopsis: Chung Bong (Chung King Fai) left his real estate business Trustworthy Property to his son Chunng Chi Leung (Lawrence Ng). The business has been well established in the area. Through Bong, Elaine Tsui Chi-Ling (Yoyo Mung) becomes a real estate agent working for Leung and they soon fall in love and becomes his girlfriend. The business has been doing well until a large competing firm enters their area, attempting to force them out of business. Leung soon faces many problems: his business, his health, his relationship with his father, and his girlfriend. Will he be able to make it through?

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