Thứ Ba, 6 tháng 9, 2011

Chồng Hờ Vợ Tạm - HQ - 16/16 tập - USLT

Through fate mailman Dong-baek Ku (Hwang Jeong-Min) and famous actress Ji-su Han (Kim Ah-Jung) crosses paths and eventually become involved in a contract marriage.

It all starts when actress Ji-su gets involved in a car crash with her secret boyfriend driving the car. Desperate to cover up their relationship, Ji-su drags an innocent bystander, mailman Dong-baek Gu into the car, while her boyfriend flees the scene. The paparazzi then arrives and takes their photos. This brings Dong-baek Gu instant notoriety and things turn more bizarre when he continues to act as Ji-su's boyfriend.

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