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Thiên Đường Vắng Em - Thái (39/65) online


Duration: 65
Genre: Drama/Romance
Broadcast network: GMA Network
Broadcast period: September 14, 2009 – December 11, 2009


Dingdong Dantes as Cholo Fuentebella
Rhian Ramos as Jodi / Jenna
TJ Trinidad as Tristan Manansala / Charlie Matias
Glaiza de Castro as Eunice Aragon


Jodi and Cholo grew up together.and where their for another, even when it came to losing their loved ones Jodi losing her mother and Cholo losing her father both share the same fate but when Cholo must continue his education overseas and with Jodi who must cope with her fathers marriage to an actress named Maita who takes in her two children Tristan and Eunice, from a previous marriage to Dindo but to Maita she wants to give her children the life she should have given her children and even to her daughter Eunice, she makes Jodi's life miserable Five Years later Tragedy Struck when upon Cholo's arrival Eunice strucks jealousy to the fact that Jodi and Cholo are about to marry Jodi gets into a car accident lead to leave a new life together with Tristan and to Cholo he is lead to believe Jodi is dead but finds himself seeing Jodi exist once again and when they meet he is determined to remind Jodi the love they had once for one another.
No Frames
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