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Liệu Pháp Nhân Tâm 20/20 tập USLT

English Title: A Great Way to Care
Chinese Title: 仁心解码
Genre: Modern Drama
Broadcast Period: June 8, 2009 - July 3, 2009
Status: Warehoused. Only releasing outside of Hong Kong. TVB will not be airing it on its channel.
Length: 25 episodes
Producer: Marco Law
Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling

Alex Fong
Kate Tsui
Raymond Wong
Elliot Yue
Timmy Hung
Charles Szeto
Chiang Chi Kwong
Ngok Wah
Vivien Yeo

KO LAP YAN (Alex Fong), Senior Psychiatrist of Yan Wo Hospital, is a competent and kind-hearted doctor who specializes in severe schizophrenia and even minor mental illness. YAN cures his patients with not only medication but also by psychological analysis. He diagnoses the cause with reference to the symptoms. The plot is interesting, intricate and extraordinary. The Psychiatrist LIN CHI SUM (Ram Tseung) and the nurse LI YING CHUN (Raymond Wong) are both good friends of YAN. SUM is keen on helping people. He has cured a patient suffering from binge eating disorder SUEN KA PIK (Vivien Yeo). They have overcome a lot of difficulties and become a couple. YAN is a divorced single father with a daughter. After the failed marriage, he did not long for love affairs until he chanced upon an Inspector of Serious Crime Unit MOK MAN YEE (Kate Tsui). They have gradually developed their relationship through business contact. However, in order to avoid recurrence of genetic mental disease, YEE detaches her feeling from YAN.

More Info:
In this series Alex will portray a psychiatrist. Kate will have a history of mental disorders and so she becomes his patient, they will slowly build a relationship. Alex will have a 17-years-old daughter. Not only Kate, also Natalie plays a patient with mental disorders, in a scene after she got raped, she rushed towards the railings and attempted to jump off the second floor of a shopping mall, fortunately Mary Hon managed to save her.

Vivien plays a depressed 300-pounds fat girl, when she got dumped by her boyfriend, she tried to kill herself on top of the building. Later on, there was Raymond by her side who comforts her. In the end, Raymond ends up being her boyfriend, as Vivien has successfully lost weight, she will be returning to her beautiful look.

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