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Con Đường Phú Quí (Born Rich) TVB 41/41 Trọn Bộ

English Title: Born Rich
Chinese Title: 富貴門
Genre: Grand Production,Modern/Drama
Episodes: 41
Producer:Chong Wai Kin & Tommy Leung Ka Shu
Costume Fitting: November 2008
Filming: Late 2008 ~ 2009

Gallen Lo
Anita Yuen
Kenix Kwok
Ray Lui
Jamie Chik
Joe Ma
Nancy Sit
Crystal Tin
Vincent Wong
Kenneth Ma
Bernice Liu
Sharon Chan
Grace Wong

The relationships:
The Choi Family: the banking family is lead by the parents, Lau Kwong and Nancy Sit.
Lau Kwong & Nancy Sit plays husband and wife.
Nancy Sit, LK & Ray Lui, Anita Yuen plays parents and children.
LK & Gallen Lo plays father and son (?).
Nancy Sit & Gallen Lo plays step mother and step son (?).
Nancy Sit, LK & Jamie Chik plays parent-daughter-in-laws.
Gallen Lo, Anita Yuen, Ray Lui play siblings.
Gallen Lo & Kenneth Ma play brothers.
Jamie Chik & Ray Lui play husband and wife.
Ray Lui & Kenix Kwok play a couple.
Kenix Kwok & Jamie Chik play love enemies.
Anita Yuen & Joe Ma play husband and wife.
Joe Ma & Sharon Chan play a couple.
Joe Ma & Gallen Lo play love enemies.
Gallen Lo & Sharon Chan play a couple.
Kenneth Ma & Sharon Chan play crushes.
Other Relationships:Angelina Lo plays Nancy Sit's sister, Gallen Lo & Anita Yuen & Ray Lui's aunt.

The series will be tailor made for Gallen, it's about revenge and family feud.
Nancy Sit joins the cast as Ray Lui's mother.
Ray Lui is the tycoon and big brother of the family. Gallen is his younger brother. Wife is Jamie Chik while Kenix is his soulmate. His role will be loosely based on a certain HK tycoon.
Kenix will be a tough career minded woman and have triangle relationship with Ray Lui and Jamie Chik.
Kenix's character is an ambitious lawyer who chose career over love, but regretted later.
Gallen will be the ultimate villain.

This story is based on a family who runs a bank. It's main focus is on Gallen who pretends to be Nancy's second son. Business wise Gallen and Ray are constantly under competition but outside business they are both having difficult love relationships. Ray is married to a wealthy woman (Jamie) and has a son and a daughter but he knows that his true love is a lawyer (kenix). Galln on the other hand is in love with his third sister (Anita) but as they are brothers and sisters they will never be allowed to get married. Therefore Anita who still loves Gallen a lot decides to marry Joe instead hut Gallen hates Joe a lot. Joe is lying to Anita as he has a son outside of the marriage with Grace and therefore Ray who knows this is constantly challenging Joe. Gallen is not the real son of the family and his real brother is Kenneth. Gallen goes out with Sharon but Kenneth is has a secret crush on Sharon. Will Gallen finally realize that there is nothing more important than money or will he continue with his plan to try and get the bank?

Phim dạng : DVDRIP(.AVI)
Phim size: 445MB
Phim dai: 41 Tập
Long Tieng : US
Host : Megaupload


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