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Đặc Vụ Truy Kích / Emergency Unit (E.U.) 30 Tập TVB

Đặc Vụ Truy Kích / Emergency Unit (E.U.) 30 Tập 
Đặc Vụ Truy Kích / Emergency Unit (E.U.) 30 Tập
Title: 學警狙擊

* English title: Emergency Unit (E.U.)
* Broadcast Period: February 2009 to March 2009.
* Episode Length: Approximately 45 minutes
* Episodes: 30 (500MB/episode)
* Genre: Modern
* Themesong by: Ron Ng, Michael Tse & Sammul Chan
Synopsis :
Kong Sai Hau is released from prison in Taiwan. He intends to return to Hong Kong immediately to be reunited with his daughter, Lai Ching. Sai Hau wants to mend his broken relationship with Lai Ching. Sai Hau has a plan to revenge on the triad leader, Tin, who was the one who caused his incarceration in the first place. Sai Hau knows that in order to strengthen his influence in the gang, he also needs help from the police force and aims to draw two young policemen onto his side.
Lee Pak Kiu, who is attached to the Emergency Unit (E.U.) and Chung Lap Man from the Special Duty Squad are Sai Hau's targets. Pak Kiu is reluctant to mix with a gangster while Lap Man thinks that he can take advantage of his relationship with Sai Hau to combat crime. Lap Man eventually becomes close with Sai Hau but his closeness caused him his job. Lap Man was fired by the police force. Sai Hau takes Lap Man under his wings and Lap Man devotes himself entirely to the triads.
The triad leader, Tin, is always wary of Sai Hau and places his trusted follower, Siu Tong, to keep an eye on Sai Hau. Sai Hau retaliates by manipulating his relationship with Tin's wife, Yuk Sam to gain positions within the triads. Sai Hau eventually becomes the triad leader but the triad's illegal business keeps facing obstacles. Sai Hau then begins to question the loyalty of his triad members.

Cast :

Michael Miu as Kong Sai Hau

Kathy Chow as Ching Yuk Sam
Ron Ng as Chung Lap Man
Samuel Chan as Lee Pak Kiu
Dominic Lam as Wu Cheuk Yan
Michael Tse as Leung Siu Tong
Elanne Kong as Kong Lai Ching


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